INDUSTRIAL FW 4.0 - MES Open Platform

Industrial FW 4.0 offers an integrated business and manufacturing environment for small and medium sized enterprises in an affordable way.

  • Manages MES using a single input/output, normalized for all the supply chain
  • It makes possible to reprogram Production Line parameters in real time accordingly to Business Processes changes
  • Supports controlling and getting information from parallel Production Lines
  • Enables connectivity to other suppliers
  • Provides logistics management

Industrial FW 4.0 brings an added-value to the current state-of-the-art solutions through the combination of the following features:

  • Open platform: it enables heterogeneous systems to interoperate, thus gives independence from developers and integrators
  • Cloud-based: it provides customers with an access to a MES project with low cost of licenses, that usually takes up to 30% of the total price of the project
  • Inter-company: it allows access to the systems of the suppliers, covering the whole value-chain and optimising the whole manufacturing process.